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Location Information
Name Tillyhilt
Owner ruins
NGR NJ 8542 3180
Lon. & Lat. 57.378276,-2.250127
Council Aberdeenshire
Parish Tarves
Nearby Castles Haddo, Tolquhon, Esslemont, Schivas, Ellon
Year built 16th c.
Overview map
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Footings of a Gordon Castle beside a ravine, the only remains are in a double roofed cattle court which incorporates a stone from Tillyhilt Castle which once stood beside the mill burn. The stone dates from about 1583 and shows a fleur-de-lys and masked carved face. The story goes that the daughter of Tillyhilt, Agnes, fell in love with Gordon of Haddo incurring the wrath of the Haddo family because he was betrothed to the Laird of Udny’s daughter. The couple are said to have run off to Perthshire to be married, leaving behind some very disgruntled neighbors!


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