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Location Information
Name Sandston
Owner private
NGR NJ 53282 41360
Lon. & Lat. 57.460089,-2.780428
Council Aberdeenshire
Parish Huntly
Nearby Castles Huntly, Avochie, Auchanachie, Pitlurg, Aswanley, Edinglassie, Beldorney
Year built 1752
Overview map
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The Castle Hotel, originally known as Sandston, was built as a family home for the Dukes of Gordon during the 18th century. Later it was refurbished and extended with stone from the ruins of Huntly Castle in 1769 and renamed Huntly Lodge. The 5th and final Duke of Gordon enlisted Archibald Simpson - the celebrated Aberdeen architect, to help with its design.

Huntly Lodge was sold from the large estate in 1924, the British army used it as a hospital during World War II, and in 1946 it was sold once more and became the Castle Hotel.


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