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Location Information
Owner private
NGR NX 58420 60419
Lon. & Lat. 54.9183,-4.210446
Council Dumfries and Galloway
Parish Anwoth
Nearby Castles Cardoness
Year built 16th c.
Overview map
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Rusko (Gatehouse of Fleet)Edit



Rusco Castle, or Rusko Castle, probably dates from the early 16th century. It is a simple rectangular tower, three storeys and a garret high, measuring 38 1/2' by 29' over walls 6'-8' thick. There is a ruinous two storeyed addition to the N, dating probably from the 17th century, provided with a stair-tower projecting W. This addition measures 57' by 22' over walls which nowhere exceed 3' thick. Rusco, which in early times belonged to the Carsnane family and was known as Glenskyreburn passed by marriage in the early 16th century to Sir Robert Gordon of Lochinvar. It was inhabited till about 1890, and recently the ruins have been restored into a home.

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