Parkhill House

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Parkhill House
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Location Information
Name Parkhill House
Owner Demolished
NGR NJ 89759 14003
Lon. & Lat. 57.216638,-2.171300
Council Aberdeenshire
Parish New Machar
Nearby Castles Balbithan, Straloch House
Year built na
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Parkhill House: site of manor/house. Parkhill House was demolished and a modern one erected in its vicinity in about 1960. An 18th century (vaulted and disused) ice-house remains underground. A manor house existed in the vicinity.

The estate of Parkhill passed to Major General William Cumming Skene Gordon in 1815 upon the death of his relative Mr. Skene of Dyce. He also had the estate of Leaskwhich he called Pitlurg. A short memorandum was written by Margaret Maria Gordon dedicated to her husband John Gordon of Pitlurg (Leask and Parkhill, a descendant of Major General Gordon.


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