Newton House, Culsalmond Castle

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Newton House, Culsalmond Castle
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Location Information
Name Newton House, Culsalmond Castle
Owner Private
NGR NJ 66148 29723
Lon. & Lat. 57.356870,-2.564307
Council Aberdeenshire
Parish Culsalmond
Nearby Castles Westhall, Wardhouse 1, Wardhouse 2, Knockespock, Lickleyhead
Year built 1692
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A Gordon house of immense serenity and dignity, on a site of an earlier castle. Exceptionally tall and narrow, harled, three storeys, attic and full basement, with four widely set windows and a pedimented doorpiece reached up railed steps. The curved bays on the gables are 19th century - Important garden divided into four (now three) by stone capped brick walls. The fine wooded estate of Newton, with its splendid gardens - The mansion is a tall, dignified and substantial building - full of character, on a terrace site above the Urie meadows, a former Gordon property. In the garden just east of the mansion are preserved two notable Pictish sculptured stones, about seven feet tall - -

Newton House is believed to date from 1692 and is built on the site of an earlier property which was demolished in 1594 by the Keiths and the Marshalls. Newton House had been in the Gordon family. It was originally known as Culsalmond Castle.

The gardens, which used to be open to the public, were laid out in 1846 by Alexander Gordon. They were restored by his great grandson, Alexander Parkin-Moore, between 1946 and 1979. Historic Scotland in 1987 described how - the walled garden is an outstanding work of art, separated into a series of rooms and containing a wide range of plants. The wider designed landscape makes an impressive setting for the significant architectural features. -

Between the house and the garden are the two Pictish stones. One bears an incised double disc, serpent and Z rod. The other bears traces of ogham writing and an unknown script.


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