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Location Information
Owner ruins
NGR NJ 4362 0659
Lon. & Lat. 57.146709,-2.933106
Council Aberdeenshire
Parish Logie-Coldstone
Nearby Castles Loch Kinord, Aboyne, Blelack, Hallhead
Year built 1268
Overview map
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On a hillock rising from level ground to the east and south, with the Burn of Migvie on the west, and the road and church to the north, are a parish hall and slight traces of a polygonal curtain wall 1.8m thick. The castle is mentioned in 1268 in a charte of William, Earl of Mar. It was the seat of the lordship of Cromar, and although probably destroyed by the Bruces c1308 and not rebuilt, continued to be the convening place of the courts of the lordship until the 16th cen. Migvie was held by the Rutherfords of Tarland in the 1440s but by 1452 had passed to the Earl of Huntly.

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