Kisimul Castle

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Kisimul Castle
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Location Information
Name Kisimul Castle
Owner HS
NGR NL 66519 97944
Lon. & Lat. 56.952157,-7.487445
Council Western Isles
Parish Barra
Nearby Castles n/a
Year built 15th c.
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The Clan MacNeil has strong ties to the Isle of Barra and claims descent from the O'Neills of Ulster. Alexander, Lord of the Isles granted the island to the MacNeill clan in 1427. The clan held the island until 1838, when Roderick MacNeil, the 40th Chief of the Clan, sold the island to Colonel Gordon of Cluny. Gordon expelled most of the inhabitants to the United States of America in order to make way for sheep. Barra was restored to MacNeill ownership in 1937 when the Barra estate, which encompassed most of the island, was bought by Robert MacNeil, an American architect, and 45th chief of the clan.

In 2003, the ownership of the Barra Estate was passed by the owner, Ian MacNeil, to the Scottish Government. The estate will be transferred to the inhabitants in the future if they request it. MacNeil, the 46th chief of the clan had previously transferred Kismuil Castle to Historic Scotland in 2000


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