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Location Information
Name Kilnmaichlie
Owner private
NGR NJ 18133 32080
Lon. & Lat. 57.371793,-3.36293
Council Moray
Parish Inveravon
Nearby Castles Ballindalloch, Drumin, Blairfindy
Year built 17th c.
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This early 17th century T-plan house above the Avon serves as a farmhouse. The barony of Kinmaichlie was retained by the Stewarts when in the 15th century the Wolf of Badenoch’s grandson sold most of the Inveravon domain to the Gordons. It is now part of the Ballindalloch estate, having been purchased by the Grants in the 18th century. The long main block has been lowered by the Grants but still has three storeys. On one corner is a base corbel in the shape of a mask which once supported a bartizan. Over the stair a gabled cap house is corbelled out level with the main roof.

Kilnmaichlie Tower stands in woodland on the western bank of the River Avon, about 1.4km north of where the River Livet meets the River Avon. The place name is depicted on Robert Gordon's mid-seventeenth-century map of Strathavon.

Today, the site of Kilnmaichlie appears to be occupied by a late eighteenth- or early nineteenth-century farmsteading. However, the square stair-turret which projects from the rear of the farmhouse with a crowstepped gable may have been part of the original L-plan tower-house, dating from the sixteenth or early seventeenth century. A rubble-built outbuilding near the entrance to the farm may be contemporary with the tower-house.

Built into the side of the farmhouse is a small circular metal plaque. The image of the phoenix rising from flames can be seen above the legend: 'PROTECTION'. Such plaques can often be seen on buildings of similar date in towns and cities, and indicated that the building had fire insurance.


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