Huntlywood Castle

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Huntlywood Castle
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Location Information
Name Huntlywood Castle
Owner Ruins
NGR NT 618 429
Lon. & Lat. 55.678136,-2.608708
Council Scottish Borders, The
Parish Gordon
Nearby Castles Earlstoun, Greenknowe Tower, Upper Huntlywood
Year built 11th C.
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Local traditions and observations of the late eighteenth century describe the remains of walls, perhaps belonging to a castle, near the hamlet of Huntly.

Although no traces of a castle can be seen today, several fragments of worked stone have been recorded at Upper Huntlywood steading, situated about 2.5km west of Gordon village, and thought to stand on or near the site of the medieval settlement of Huntly. The most distinctive piece is a fragment of an armorial panel built into the gable of the farmhouse itself. The central part of the panel has been badly eroded, although part of an inscription reading '?OFA?' can be seen.

As the Gordon family owned the surrounding land, it has been suggested that this was the site of a tower-house or other fortified place they had built.


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