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Location Information
Owner private
NGR NJ 52483 09096
Lon. & Lat. 57.170231,-2.787461
Council Aberdeenshire
Parish Leochel-Cushnie
Nearby Castles Migvie, Blelack
Year built 1686
Overview map
Unknown extension tag "googlemap"

Castle NameEdit



Mains of Hallhead, 1686. A classic laird's house of the Gordons of Esslemont, set high and remote; T-plan, two-storey and attic with crisp corbiesteps. Moulded door in south re-entrant angle bore date, now indistinct (?1668 or 1688); converted to farmhouse in 19th century. The steading has acquired a splendid, finely molded arch with 1703 panel and initials (IGMR) over. Attic dormers, 19th century or possibly earlier. Refurbished c.2002.

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