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Location Information
Owner ruins
NGR NJ 4219 3878
Lon. & Lat. 57.436261,-2.963887
Council Moray
Parish Mortlach
Nearby Castles Aswanley, Beldorney, Auchindoun, Huntly, Sandston
Year built 17th c.
Overview map
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The farm of Edinglassie, at one time the property of the Gordons, now belonging to Mr Macpherson. All that now remains on-site is a 17th century dovecot, which may be associated with the castle. Edinglassie has a grim story connected with it. The house was at one time called Edinglassie Castle, though not a very large or well-fortified one, and in 1690 was occupied by Sir George Gordon, Joint Sheriff-Principal of the County. In that year the battle of the Haughs of Cromdale was fought, and some of the Highlanders, on their way from Strathspey to Strathbogie, burned the castle. On the return of the clans a few weeks later Gordon had his revenge, for, seizing eighteen of the Highlanders at random, he hung them on the trees in his garden. They were afterwards buried on the moor, and the spot is still known as "The Hielanman's Mossie".

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