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Location Information
Name Dundeugh
Owner ruins
NGR NX 6010 8802
Lon. & Lat. 55.166705,-4.197651
Council Dumfries and Galloway
Parish Carsphairn
Nearby Castles Earlstoun, Lochinvar
Year built 16th C.
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The remains of Dundeugh Castle, a 16th century Gordon stronghold built on the site of an earlier 13th castle, can be found at the southern end of Kendoon reservoir at the foot of Dundeugh hill in woodland.

Nothing remains of Dundeugh Castle except for a few feet of broken walling, suggesting that it was originally L-shaped on plan, the main block measuring 26'8" x 17'2" over 3ft thick walls, with a W wing, for the staircase, 12'7" x 7'. The latter is now represented by a mass of debris. It is doubtful if the main part was ever vaulted. Judging by the plan this castle possibly dates from the 16th century. Some 7ft SW of the L-shaped ruin are indications of another building measuring 35ft x 21ft 8ins over 3ft 3 ins thick walls. Nothing remains above ground but a fragment of walling at the E and W ends, so its date and purpose are uncertain.


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