Deskie Castle

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Location Information
Name Deskie
Owner Ruins
NGR NJ 1984 3024
Lon. & Lat. 57.355556,-3.333889
Council Moray
Parish Inveravon
Nearby Castles Blairfindy, Drumin
Year built na
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Local traditions place Deskie Castle on a scarped and levelled knoll near Bridgend of Livet. The knoll lies about half way up a boggy slope near the base of the Hill of Deskie.

Surveyed by the Ordnance Survey in 1973, the site was described as being an oval mound, measuring about 90m by 36m and stood to a height of about 2.5m. Traces of a robbed wall which may once have enclosed the summit were visible in places while a more substantial wall, reduced to its footings, ran across the summit. A series of earthworks lay to the north-west, defending the easier approach. These take the form of three short separate lengths of bank, about 9m wide and 2m high. It is unlikely they were ever part of a continuous system enclosing the site.

Although little remains of the castle, its name was preserved in a child's rhyme once popular in the area: 'Glenlivet it has castles three, Drumin, Blairfindy and Deskie'.


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