Castle of Daugh

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  • Aerial View (standing remains are that of a chapel)
  • View from Little Daugh to Castle of Daugh (clump of trees in the middle)


Castle of Daugh
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Location Information
Name Castle of Daugh
Owner Ruins
NGR NJ 5068 4768
Lon. & Lat. 57.5165202,-2.8256067
Council Aberdeenshire
Parish Cairnie
Nearby Castles Auchanachie, Avochie, Rothiemay, Mains of Mayen, Sandston, Huntly, Pitlurg, Davidston, Auchaynanie, Milton Kieth
Year built 14th C.
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Tam O'Ruthven appears to have had his residence at Danch, about a mile to the north of Ruthven. What appears to be the remains of it are on a knoll or spur between two steep ravines and communicating with the rising ground to the south by a narrow neck to which runs part of an old paved road. These remains consist of the foundations of what was probably the enclosure wall surrounding an area of about 180 by 150 feet with some other stones scattered here and there inside. As a defensive post for the north of Strathbogie, it is a strong position commanding a wide view of lower Starthisla both up and down, and the site remains would be well worth some excavation and a closer examination. The position may be recognized by those travelling north by train from Huntly after passing Rothiemay Station and shortly before reaching Cairnie Junction as on the left of the line and distinguished by the walls of a burnt out cottage which stand up prominent against the sky line.

Today the Daugh can be identified by a natural mound north of the farm of Little Daugh. Tam's castle was probably a timber structure and has disappeared, but the access road remains and there are some traces of a garden enclosure and foundations. The castle of Auchanachie appears to have replaced the Daugh as the main habitation in the 16th century.


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