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Craig of Auchindoir
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Location Information
Owner private
NGR NJ 47068 24826
Lon. & Lat. 57.310999,-2.880313
Council Aberdeenshire
Parish Auchindoir and Kearn
Nearby Castles Lesmoir, Knockespock, Terpersie
Year built 1548
Overview map
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Craig of AuchindoirEdit

Craig of Auchindoir-1


The Castle of Craig, or the Craig of Auchindoir as it was more anciently known, is located on the edge of Aberdeenshire’s “wild west”, between Lumsden and Rhynie, and is perched on the edge of a dramatic dean, or wooded ravine. It is of unusual design, the keep originally having a wall-walk, which was subsequently roofed over, leaving the crow-stepped gables sticking up through the roof line. The original castle was built on the L-plan, which, with the ornate gateway and more modern building alongside, form a courtyard. Perhaps due to its proximity to the wilder highlands to the west, the building is well provided with large and wide gunloops. The castle was built by the Gordons, the first Gordon of Craig being a grandson of the famous Jock O’Scurdargue, from whom so many Gordon families trace their ancestry. The Gordons held Craig from 1510 to 1892. The first laird is said to have died at Flodden and his grandson Patrick at Pinkie. His son was implicated in the murder of the Bonnie Earl of Moray. The last of the Gordon line, an heiress, was burned to death with her daughter at Nice in 1863!

Additional ImagesEdit

Craig of Auchindoir-3
Craig of Auchindoir-2


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