Colliston Castle

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Colliston Castle
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Location Information
Name Colliston Castle
Owner private
NGR NO 61252 46410
Lon. & Lat. 56.60799,-2.632929
Council Angus
Parish Arbroath and St. Vigeans
Nearby Castles Melgund
Year built 1545
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Colliston Castle, a tower house of E. Angus, Colliston Castle lies 4 miles (6 km) northwest of Arbroath. Built on the grounds of a mansion house, granted to John Guthrie by Cardinal Beaton of Arbroath Abbey in 1539, the castle was erected in 1545 on the Z-plan design, with four storeys and an attic. It underwent much alteration during the early 17th century when the top storey was removed, the pepperpot turret reduced in height and removal of the top of the west tower. The tower was sold to the Gordon family in 1691 and then to the Chaplin family in 1721, who retained it until the 1920s. Passing to the Stuarts, it remains their residence and also hosts weddings and corporate events.


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