Cairnfield House

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  • View from north 1954
  • Oblique aerial view centred on the country house, taken from the SE.


Cairnfield House
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Location Information
Name Cairnfield House
Owner Private
NGR NJ 41463 62449
Lon. & Lat. 57.648056,-2.982421
Council Moray
Parish Rathven
Nearby Castles Letterfourie
Year built na
Overview map
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Until the 1970's Cairnfield was the ancestral home of the Gordons of Cairnfield. The service wing (mid-later 18th century former kitchen) is similar to the 18th century mirrored wings at Rannas, also Rathven parish, flanking the court fronting a former mansion. The situation at Cairnfield may have been the same, but if there was a mirrored service at the W it would have had to be demolished as the land slopes steeply away westwards and the present mansion takes up most of the levelled site. Re-used 17th century lintel on outbuilding with monogram which appears incorporate NG and 'Gloria in ......' John Paterson, architect, Edinburgh (d.1832) practiced in Elgin circa 1784-91. He had a predilection for circular and D-ended rooms. Paterson is known to have worked in Moray after his removal to Edinburgh in 1791 and is thought to have worked for the Duke of Gordon


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