Bovagalie Farm

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Bovagalie Farm
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Location Information
Name Bovagalie Farm
Owner Ruins
NGR NO 3022 9193
Lon. & Lat. 57.013676,-3.151398
Council Aberdeenshire
Parish Crathie And Braemar
Nearby Castles Abergeldie, Birkhall, Balmoral
Year built na
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‘haps, shelters, Bovaglie ferm like a plaid.’

The Royal family forced the removal of the families in Bogavalie and the neighboring Camlet. It is a tightly guarded, and hidden truth. It is a Clearence unique to the Girnoc. When, in 1848, the Royal family took the first of three consecutive 40 year leases of the Abergeldie estate, they wished to form one large shooting and hunting estate, linking Birkhall to Balmoral. The effort to clear the estate of the cotter-folk was a ruthless campaign and the small-glen folk were left very afraid. Security hung by a thread for the Girnoc folk. A visit from ‘Cameron’ the Factor for the Queen cast deep unease as was rehearsed by ‘Crovie John’ in a scribbled, but torn, and thus incomplete inclusion, to his eponymous ‘Bovagli Manuscript.’

‘The new lease of 19 years from and after Whitsunday 1829 was drawn out for Father’s signature but not according to bargain or missives I held on the bargain. So Father would not sign, as I told him not to do so. Then Cameron being, or had other in view for the glen, he would now wish to brake bargain (but I had the rent receipts and the missives) which I found out first by Aunt Margaret Camlet and me to take care of myself for he told me that it would go over his neck if he did not flit the Gordons of Bovaglie.

Then Cousin Hellen Gordon who was nurse to Cameron and Margaret, the children told me in secret that as she was creeping through with the children in the room, she observed Cameron writing something like a petition for the tenants to sign and she thought that it was something for Lynvaig for the tenants to sign. And I had occasion to meet Mr Cameron soon thereafter and says

“Sir, I hear, by a quiet rumour, that Lynvaig is going through amongst the tenants with some sort of a petiton against my Father.”

“Puff” he says “John I do not believe nothing of the kind but depend upon it Lynvaig should the like be, it must come to me and I shall let you know”.

A farmstead comprising five roofed buildings, one of which is L-shaped and another is arranged around three sides of a courtyard, and six enclosures, a lime kiln and a township comprising fourteen unroofed buildings are depicted on the 1st edition of the OS 6-inch map (Aberdeenshire 1869, sheet c). Four roofed, five unroofed buildings and eight enclosures are shown on the current edition of the OS 1:10000 map (1972).

Once a thriving farming community, Bovaglie and the other nearby settlements of Loinveg and Camlet (or "The Camlet") are now deserted.

Once part of the Abergeldie estate


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